Alleviating Behavioral Problems with Pet Training & Other Interventions

At Creekside Animal Clinic, our veterinarian, Dr. Cummings is trained to offer your pet behavioral counseling to address their mental and emotional needs. We work with you extensively to understand the scope of the problem and what’s triggering it to develop an effective pet training program to modify your pet’s behavior for the better.

Understanding Your Pet’s Behavior
When talking about behavioral problems, many owners designate their pet’s behavior as either right or wrong; bad or good. This is an all-too-common misconception. Cats and dogs do not act out of spite or do anything because it is the right thing to do. They’re motivated more simply and act on a desire to fulfill their needs. When their needs (food, water, feeling safe and secure, and getting enough exercise and stimulation) are threatened, that’s when behavioral issues can develop.

Defining Behavioral Problems

Broadly speaking, behavior problems can stem from fear, stress, or under-stimulation. When a cat or dog feels threatened, they may lash out; when they are stressed, they may develop destructive coping mechanisms; and when they are bored, they could act out in a variety of ways to attempt to stimulate themselves physically and mentally. In order to curb any destructive or undesirable behaviors, we must first recognize their trigger.

Common triggers include:

  • Encounters with unfamiliar people or animals
  • Moving to a new home
  • Adding a new pet to the family
  • A significant change in your schedule (i.e. day to night shift)
  • A low-quality diet
  • And more

Solutions for behavioral problems can be complex and varied. Yet they often require some level of pet training, either by you or a qualified professional trainer if needed. Other options could include:

  • Group training
  • Home adjustments (diet, more exercise, house training, etc.)
  • Anti-anxiety medication
  • Personal training with a professional
  • Referral to a certified behaviorist for more complex or severe problems

Our team is here to work with you through your pet’s behavioral problem from start to finish. Even if we refer you to another professional, we want to be kept in the loop. Contact us today at (330) 825-9556 to learn more and set up an appointment for behavioral counseling.